Do you need a stage for the band?

We do not need a lot of room or space to set up.  We have played in the smallest of venues, which tends to give people the opportunity to be more connective and intimate with the band.  When the venue comes with a stage, we will happily use it.

Rudy & Saddle Up

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much experience do you have?

Rudy and Saddle Up have been professionally performing and entertaining live since 2007.  With 7 years experience, we strive and know what it takes to entertain for the best of events.  We've entertained all over Eastern and Southern Ontario at weddings, corporate events, truck shows, rib-fests, New Years Eve events, family reunions, street events, birthday parties, private parties and arenas.  Over the years we understand the crowd is always different so we play a very wide range of music to please everybody in the audience.  Music is not best heard at maximum volume so we know when to turn it down or turn it up.

When do you set up?

We set all of our equipment up way in advance, this way there is little to no disruption of your guests, organizers and catering.  Once upon all the details of the event, rest assured you will be able to contact us the day of the event.  All we need is 1 to 2 hours to set all of our equipment up.

How long do you perform for?

We can accommodate to whatever your event is proposing.  Depending on the duration of the event, generally, we perform for 4 hours and take 2 half-hour breaks.  We are extremely moldable/flexible though to adjust our set times for you and the event.

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Can we hear the band play?

Please!  Visit our website: and seek Schedule Listings to attend our next event.

What equipment do you have?

We have some of the latest equipment and technology to provide a great ambiance for your event.  Rudy and Saddle Up promote low or high volume, we promote saving you costs so we do help you with suggestions on only providing you with what the event needs.

How far will you travel to perform?

Rudy and Saddle Up is based our of Kingston, Ontario  We have played as far as the Dominican Republic.   Depending on the circumstances, Rudy and Saddle Up can perform anywhere.

How does the band get paid?

A 50% deposit is required in advance when the date and details are confirmed.  The remaining balance is due at the end of your event.

Have you played and enjoyed outdoors?

Absolutely, we have and we love it!  It is always very much fun to be outside, which seems to always add more excitement to the event.

I have another question; can you help me with it?

Yes, please.  Email:

What happens when the band is on break in between sets?

Along with our gear and sound system, we carry an IPod with us to ensure the dance floor is always packed.  We can also provide any type of music while on break to accommodate your event.